Fatmac and T-bone are a highly trained, government funded, special crime fighting task force. Placed in the city of Chicago to help the local authorities in high crime areas. They quickly earned the affection of the mayor by saving his life. That being the case they started to slack off as would any government funded program would do with clout. But the government got wind of it an assigned them a watch dog (special agent Michael Buckley from the FBI). At first he was very hard on them but then he came around and the three of them are best buds. Now our fearless heroes help Mike solve mysteries and keep the city safe from strange villains, crack heads, and crack houses (because that’s where the crack heads live, duh) evil robots, flying zombie roaches, killer pimps, and everyday street thugs. Every episode will give you a day in the life of being a superhero in America i.e. paying bills, jury duty, washing clothes, car not starting and having to take public transportation to the crime scene, shopping for groceries, standing in long lines at the bank, working a part-time job at the chicken shack, and going out to local bars for a drink when the day is done. With all the daily activities that they have to do they also find time to fight crime.